Monday 1st April, 2013

I fell out of bed this morning enthused by the prospect of today being both April Fool’s Day and also the bunny’s bottom of the Easter holiday. So is today officially Easter Fool’s Day? Or is it the first Monday after the Assumption of Chocolate Consumption? I pondered this quandary until I grew bored. To be honest, I was practicing diversion techniques. The job I was postponing was to continue my share of the family’s work; a demolition project on an egg considerably larger than anything produced by the long-extinct giant elephant bird.

I saw, with a modicum of marvel, that Christie’s are to auction a rare complete Pygmy Elephant Bird Eggelephant bird egg in London at the end of April (estimate £30,000). We, the chosen ones don’t have to participate in that parcel of paltry poultry because William came home carrying a carefully-crafted chocolate cocoa creation the size of which would make any bird (whether extant or extinct) wince. I’m not sure birdEaster 2s can actually wince but these pictures make it abundantly clear how many innocent cocoa beans gave up the good fight to produce thisEaster 5 monster. I have to report it is completely delicious and will meet our minimum recommended daily allowance of chocolate until several other species of birds have winced their way into extinction.


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