Wednesday, 10th April 2013

We have found the good people of Melbourne to be relaxed, friendly and easy to talk to.  The news last night on TV carried the results of the recent World Economic Forum’s Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2013 which listed (amongst other criteria), the friendliest nations to visit.

Characteristically, the news presenters were seriously miffed that visitors to Australia only rated the country 27th for friendliness out of 140 nations.  Actually they were more miffed by being beaten by New Zealand which they said was rated 2nd.  To be honest, this had me if not nonplussed, only very slightly plussed and somewhat uncharacteristically, I resisted the temptation to point out that New Zealand and Iceland were actually first equal. The Age (allegedly a newspaper in Melbourne), carried a response by the acting CEO of the Australian Tourism & Transport Forum who said: “I think we have to take these findings from the WEF with a grain of salt…The research also shows that people who have been to Australia rate it far higher than those who have not visited.”  As Manuel from Fawlty Towers might say: ¿¡Qué

If it’s any consolation to our dear Australian neighbours, I rate them very highly for honesty;
DIngo Stole my Stick Figure FamilyEmergency services sign-posting;
Oz Emergency 'Phone Sign

Innovative Cattle Transport;Camper hits low bridgeCowasaki

As well as highly observant campervan drivers.  (I think she’s looking for the insurance papers);

On the plus-side, Australia gets my vote for being seriously big;Australia_and_Europe 

And for having some wonderful place names so I’ll close with a selection of these: Binnaway, Boyland, Burpengary, Burrumbuttock, Chinaman’s Knob, Cock Wash, Delicate Nobby, Humpybong, Mount Buggery, Pimpinbudgie, Tittybong or (my favourite) Wonglepong. 


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4 Responses to Wednesday, 10th April 2013

  1. B says:

    Yay good ole kiwis..China a close second for strange place names 🙂

  2. IAN SMITHE says:

    ps avery beautiful Maopsyte

  3. IAN SMITHE says:

    good to See/ read your continiung excursions into the reealms of travelloge. i like the photoz. amazing art work in the crash. seen u a good one matey. do you have any piks of Crocs to add the wondermony of life in Brazil, pour favor?


    • SJA says:

      Hiya Ian all going well for you I trust as you emerge from the dark?

      Not you personally emerging from the dark – but the whole of the Northern part of our dear globe that seems to have had a seriously wet, cold and all-round miserable winter season.

      Keep checking the blog for more riveting stuff!

      S,J & W

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