Tuesday 16th April, 2013

Monty the Marvel Motorist Miraculously Manages a Meander in a Mini

We returned from Melbourne to warm Autumn sunshine in Christchurch and during a walk around the local area I was thinking about the recent SPCA campaign for unwanted dogs, where 3 canny canines were taught to commandeer cars.

I don’t know if you saw the video but it was a story that was widely covered by UK and US media so you may have picked up on it. Basically, to show that regular rescue dogs can be taught new tricks, three mutts; Monty, Ginny and Porter (pictured below) were selected for training and the program culminated Monty drivingPorter drivingporter, border collie cross

with two of these characters driving live on TV with a rather nervous reporter in the passenger seat. I think these three Mini manipulators may also feature in the up-coming Top Gear series as the “boys” were in New Zealand last month and it was rumoured they would do a piece on it. (Probably a racing Rottweiler ranting at Clarkson that he’s too long in the tooth to be seen with a Retriever in a Range Rover). Anyway, if you haven’t heard how clever dogs are in NZ, the You Tube video at the top of the page gives you an idea of why we lead the world in diligent domesticated dogs.Dog with Beer

The freshly brewed sunshine and moulting trees got me thinking whilst walking (yep this old dog can still manage multi-tasking), about the intelligence of dogs and I was slightly gasted (if not flabbergasted) to see that not only can Kiwi dogs drive to their mate’s place with a few beers, they know how to make their presence known when they arrive:Dogs Please Ring Bell 1

Who knows where this trend will lead? Maybe getting together with other canine chums at their regular for a leisurely pint will be nothing out of the ordinary? (No young pups allowed). Dogs in Pub

And as long as the RSPCA doesn’t get involved…
Helping Bury AnimalsGruntle

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