Friday 19th April, 2013

Back in 2004 I wrote about a Kiwi boy who was declared the Southern Hemisphere’s first High Incarnate Tibetan Lama. Karma Kunsang Thubten Dorje Lungtok Hyime Pal Sang Po Pong Rinpoche – the venerable, had been identified as an important spiritual figure in Tibetan Buddhism. (Don’t worry, nobody read about it then either).

I was thinking about a little Po Pong this morning when we were stumbling around Riccarton (following a gratuitously large brunch), and I noticed a poster promotion for an upcoming laugh-in with the Dalai Lama:

Dalai Lama star of whose line is it anyway

I wondered what had become of little Po Pong in the last 9 years and a quick Po Pongcheck on revealed that the Dalai Lama had confirmed that Po Pong was indeed the reincarnation of a revered Lama from Eastern Tibet who died in 1955 and that the child wonder was now studying in India.  I believe he is doing very well at Dalai Lama the seven Irish Tenorsreligious studies (no surprises there), call-centre management and as a sideline runs reincarnation parties for fans of the Egyptian King Tutankhamun.

Meanwhile the Dalai Lama when not practising stand-up comedy, has developed a plausible Irish accent and along with 6 fellow religious disciples, has formed a tribute band.

Back in the land of real Buddhism I liked this philosophically serene view of how Thai people queue:

Queing Thai Style

Speaking of reincarnation – no, I was thank you, is this how Samuel L Jackson might look on a return visit?Samuel L Jackson (The Boxer Years)


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2 Responses to Friday 19th April, 2013

  1. SJA says:

    Aha there you are young Annie!
    Thanks for reading the blog and for enjoying it.

    The pictures are indeed from my collection of travels, rambles, mumbles and general weirdness. Not all pics can be cropped successfully to fit that header panel so there aren’t as many in the pot as I would like there to be and yes, I would like them to be titled too. However, Gromit in IT has yet to find a way of achieving this. His department has however found a way to empty my bank account.


  2. Annie says:

    I loved these last two posts. Knew nothing about the driving dogs – amazing!

    The blog is great and my only reservation is that I would like to know the setting of the lovely photos displayed on top of the page. Would it be possible to set it up so that if I hover my mouse over the picture, I get a little pop-up telling me where the picture was taken? They are all such great quality, and my curiosity is awakened – I want to know what I’m looking at!

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