Thursday 9th May, 2013

If I was a tad younger I might be celebrating today’s announcement that Taylor Swift is to tour New Zealand later this year.

If I was a tish more aficionado-ish I might be excited by the news that New Zealand will be the first country on the new tour outside of the USA. If I wore a younger man’s clothes (I’d probably be arrested) but I might be able to tell you the names of all her songs.

I can only name one of her songs – and I really like it. What I can tell you is these two trucks are unlikely to be seen together ever ever again. Like ever:  Taylor Swift Trucks


These were a couple of recent headlines in the New Zealand Herald that I thought were of interest because they received equal weighting in the paper:

Kidnapper denied realtor licence
Chinese woman found guilty of kidnapping refused real estate agent’s licence.

Haul of mangoes seized at airport
Border staff seized two cartons of fresh mangoes that a woman declared on arrival from Australia.

I think this tells you a bit about this fair land where bio-security is very important to protect agriculture from invasive species. So seizure of your imported produce is likely even if you do declare them, and where estate agents (who outnumber police), can get told off if they kidnap someone. Draw your own conclusions about the equality or otherwise of these crimes but the headlines suggest to me they’re about equal as misdemeanours. I hate to think we lead the world in such heinous crimes but maybe we do.

We are however a nation of early adopters of exciting new technologies such as this dining boat:Table Outboard 
And this high speed trailer ideal for fetching the wood to make dining boatsOutboard Trailer:
I have a pecking feeling that I’m going quackers and may have used my picture of the trailer before. If I have, then I apologise (as long as I can remember I’ve had amnesia). However, still on a nautical theme New Zealand is now the World’s foremost producer of very large plastic ducks: TOPSHOTS-HONG KONG-ART-DUCK
Donald I XL is seen here taxiing after landing in Hong Kong harbour where it paddled to the Cruise Ship terminal and settled down to wait for some bread:XL Duck 

Oh and we seem to lead the world in the manufacture of pink boots for goats: goat-in-pink-welli_2427695kGruntle

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  1. GARY says:

    Enjoy the lot keep them cumin

  2. Dave says:


    Thanks very much for an entertaining read.

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