Wednesday 3rd April, 2013

We all fell out of bed this morning at 0230 as our multiple Apple devices broke out in a rash of chimes, rings, vibrations and wacky warbles.  Headless we muttered incomprehensively and moved slowly around bumping into walls, each other and assorted Apple devices as we tried to focus on the task at hand – silencing multiple Apple devices.

Christchurch International Airport beckoned and we were Melbourne bound at an utterly uncivilised time of day.  The flight attendant asked what we would like to drink and in unison, we replied: “Splishy Splashy” – she looked puzzled.  We tried “Fizzy” and she assumed we wanted soft drinks.  We explained that an offer ofCity Worker's Sculpture either Champagne or at the very least, Méthode Champenoise would keep us quiet.  Her eyes lit up (I figured they were probably LEDs at that time of the morning), and she proffered “bubbles?”  We accepted the offer and turned our attention to the next task – the devouring of a tasty frittata with a jolly nice sausage.  No, don’t laugh, it was actually very good for an airline breakfast.  Frittata and bubbles are an acceptable time filler with 4 hours of air travel to consume.  Actually, I can’t imagine what else there is to do before sunrise and you’re already peering over the peak of Aoraki Mount Cook as you mull the meaning of a Melbourne meander.

More to come but here’s the initial reaction of Melburnians to our arrival.





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