Wednesday 15th May, 2013

Walking past a local school today I had to take a picture of this “stick family” on a school-run 4X4:

Honestly, I don't give a .... who's in your family
Like most New Zealand schools the one I was walking by is a pleasant wooden structure with great facilities and grass playing fields and I was surprised to see that old-fashioned methods of discipline are still employed. However no children were in the stocks for misbehaviour when I was there:School Stocks 
The school used to have a swimming pool – it actually still does but due to ludicrous Health and Safety rules the pool is no longer in use because the fencing no longer meets regulations. That reminded me of the demise due to changing regulations, social concerns and good old political correctness of other simple and innocent things that when we were kids we would play on: Hanged Tyre
I wasn’t going to run with a school-run theme but this is too good not to share:So How Was School...

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  1. Esmeralda Yunkumpuvic says:

    That’s priceless!

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