Wednesday 22nd May, 2013

Oh the printed Media is a chuckle isn’t it? A couple of days ago The Telegraph were lauding the selection of Tim Peake (Major Tim) as a British astronaut for the next 5 month tour of duty aboard the International Space Station.

A wee floodgate opened because The Telegraph editorialised that it was a scandal that a Briton had not been previously selected and that Major Tim was finally following in the tradition of other great British explorers such as Francis Drake, Dr Livingstone and Sir Edmund Hillary. New Zealanders squeaked their angst and the floodgate opened as other members of the Indignati joined in and expressed their views of this error. The Telegraph quickly changed the editorial supplanting Hillary with Shackleton in their list of Britons who had set their sights on new frontiers. Nicely handled by The Telegraph’s editors except that as far as I am aware Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton was Irish…

The insensitive placement or juxtaposition of advertisements with news articles is something the World’s press seems to practice on a regular basis. So I had a quick dig around t’interweb which yielded the following. Some of which are funny but some just leave me wondering how they could get it so wrong:Ad Placement 1Ad-placement 2

Belfast Telegraph - Win a Dream HolidayI can make you thin

Woman Marries Man She Accused of AssaultMukeltio Beacon - Bye Bye Daddy

In a similar vein could she be the Croc they pulled from the Harbour in Darwin? I’m not sure but either way it seems like a great front page for a great town:Croc Pulled out of Harbour - Hooker Quits Town 
I have no idea what the Harrow Observer thinks a “Comapign” is – maybe it’s a Pigeon in Intensive Care? Hopefully a fair grant will help it get better:Harrow Observer Billboard on Education Grants
Moving on, a couple of ads where the product name just doesn’t quite work:Titanic Jet Ski Hire
New Ass the cure for Hemorroides

Speaking of position, I wonder if these two are making the neighbourhood safer? There’s nothing scary about them – apart from Mr. Plod’s exhaust pipe:Awkward Exhaust Pipe 2
Finally, I’ve had this cutting for about 2 years and I think its time has come:Cheltenham Ladies College Article


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