Wednesday 29th May, 2013

The weather has started to turn colder and my cooking has responded by upping the temperature and the calorific values.

Yes, it’s time for winter stews. I comb the markets (to keep them neat and tidy) for vegetables, and roam the streets looking for bargains and the odd bit of road kill that can be usefully turned into good, nourishing, heart-warming and above all inexpensive tucker. Last time I was in Hong Kong I was alarmed at how expensive a vegetable was:A Vegetable HKG
Today my local vege emporium was offering a bargain for $3.99/kg.  I have no idea what they are, but at that price I thought it would be churlish not to get a couple of them to use at the weekend. (They may turn out to be churlishes):CHC Only $3.99 a kilo  

I hasten to add I’ve never actually found any road kill on the clean streets of Christchurch, however from time to time the odd thing can be scrumped but it’s usually herbs or fruit, but I’m still hoping to get hold of something really useful like this egg (I don’t think I’ve got a pot big enough for big bird):       Wainakarua Big Bird 1

Anyway, back at the cooking station – I’ve never considered my grater scary:Eager Grater
But certainly this pepper and onion weren’t too happy to see it:Creepy PeppersHappy Onions


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