Another Rainy Day in Paradise

It’s another rainy day in paradise. I’m briefly in Hanmer Springs or perhaps I’m in Hanmer Springs briefly.

Either way it’s wet and I felt sorry for this chap who stood on my doorstep for the last half an hour discussing the benefits of brown over white bread….bloody Hovis Witness. (You have to have lived in the UK to get that joke):Visiting the UK
I’m trundling around the South Island for the next week, getting stuff done on the camper van and seeing a few people. I was hoping the weather would improve but it may deteriorate to snow according to this presenter:Names Sara Blizzard 
Jane and William left Auckland on Friday with William heading West to Hong Kong and Jane East to San Francisco – where the latest trend is hair snorting:Snorting Hair in SFO 
Jane is heading to Canada to investigate the continued clubbing of baby seals:stop_clubbing_baby_seals1
And the interesting discovery of a new vegetable:Cubumbers
I calculated that as William was flying West at 900kph and Jane was making similar progress flying East at about the same speed, then they were travelling apart at the highest speed of separation that it is possible to do, since the demise of Concord. (I love playing the role of a virtual Air Traffic Controller):Air Traffic Controller Release Aircraft 
Speaking of transport, I like the way they break-in a truck in Pakistan:Breaking in a Truck 
And meanwhile here in New Zealand, Police called for extra funding to help them catch criminals using the latest high-powered vehicles to escape capture:Oamaru Pennyfarthing 2

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2 Responses to Another Rainy Day in Paradise

  1. SJA says:

    Hi Si,

    Yep, those San Fran types will snort anything!


  2. Simple says:

    Hair snorting! Genius

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