Snow What

Some forecasters are predicting the worst snow for 20 years but other forecasters are predicting that globally there will soon be more mobile ‘phones than toothbrushes.

Before I brush off the snow lets polish off the toothbrush thing. How do they know how many toothbrushes there are in the world? Do they count the old ones appearing in landfill sites and add that number to how many are hanging on shelves in supermarkets? Do they survey people or form a focus group of carefully selected volunteers with wide-spread dental problems then line ‘em up against the wall and ask the killer question: “How many toothbrushes do you own?”  Perhaps they just asked Mr Colgate to fess up and say how many stock units he has shifted since the deluxe dental decontamination device was first invented by a Chinese Emperor in 1498. (26th June to be precise – according to Yahoo’s This day in History). 

Did you know the modern toothbrush was first mass-produced in the UK around 1780 and did you know that nylon bristles were first introduced in the US in 1938? I thought not.

Also, did you know, the first electric toothbrush was marketed by the Swiss around 1946 and was designed specifically to remove the build-up of cheese from around teeth? Personally I think it’s a Gruyère area. However, speaking of the Swiss, did you know there is special apparel for those mountaineers who only wish to be recognised by fellow climbers? I thought not. There’s even a song about it – it’s called the “Tie of the Eiger.” Oh stereotypes again, I preferred the old days when we only had monotypes.

Back to the weather. The really bad rain the other day caused a bit of havoc in the South Island and although things are pretty much back to normal, there is a bridge that local TV reported was closed because; “One of its peers washed away.” I like that, I’m guessing the bridge closed itself in sympathy. Here’s some other global TV title/ticker errors that I’ve recently discovered: Dog sexual-predatorMan Killed to Death TV Caption

fire-destroyed-by-homeNames Bizarre named man arested

I think that last one is more bizarre than funny but you get the drift.

Speaking of drift, Meteorologists say we are about to be hit by the worst snow storm for decades and panic buying has been the order of the day. Not for me you understand, but many have been clearing supermarket shelves of essentials such as bread and milk and canned foods and stuff like bottled gas and snow shovels. I’m in the campervan and I’m fairly self-sufficient providing the electricity stays on and the WiFi keeps on keeping on, but I do worry if the snow stays around for too long in case I run short of lemon for my Gin(s) & Tonic(s). Oh, and I have an irrational fear of running out of Lindt chocolate. Did you know Rodolphe Lindt invented conching (a process of surface-scraping mixing and agitation)? Oh you did!


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