Winter Solstice–Summer Starts Here

According to my latest electronic consumer goody – the iHenge, today is the shortest/longest – depending on where your iHenge is located.

My iHenge receives real-time updates from the sHenge located on the Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire which has been ticking away faultlessly indicating Summer/Winter solstices for the last 5,100 years (batteries not included).

Interestingly (possibly), the only full-sized replica of Stonehenge is in Maryhill which resides in Washington state (in Klickitat County). This edifice in Kit Kat Country was built in 1929 by Sam Hill as the US’s first monument to those who died in WWI. Sam Hill also built the Peace Arch that stands on the US/Canadian border and can be seen from the highway as you cross into Canada.

Once you’re in Canada things are very different. Mops can get angry:Angry Mop 
Local stores provide everything you need:bankruptcy-divorce-liquor-stores 
And Canadian TV conducts really strange viewer polls:Canada do you prefer rain or sun poll 
If you stop for a takeaway coffee, it may be served in a cup like this. I think the meaning of the message will have to be the subject of another TV Poll:If this was another country we'd have to tell you this coffee was hot - Canada
Canadians are good looking but Mondays at the pub are no longer much fun:Cheap Bathroom MirrorPub Ad 2
This week in Toronto there has been another outbreak of The International Ikea Flashmob who shamelessly take up living in the store’s display areas:Jane Ikea Bed Gillie Ikea Kitchen Flowers 

Our Ma Ikea SewingRat Ikea Shower

And in the Toronto Ikea parking lot the monkey warms to his new identity: ikea-monkey-coat 
Meanwhile in a London summer, William found that some people have discovered a new use for ice cream cornettos:
Spar Sign Using Cornettos for Madonna Impressions And found a less flash mob auditioning for jobs as mime artists, but there’s always one isn’t there?Some people can't stand still for photos

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