Why Not Ki Ki?

The flight was comfortable and uneventful. I like flights like that.

Air New Zealand tries to make safety information interesting by frequently changing the safety video and using characters such as Richard Simmons, the All Blacks, several Hobbits (an unexpected safety briefing) and most recently, a couple of variations featuring Bear Grills and a Moa. (I confess that prior to this my sheltered existence led me to believe “Bear Grills” was an invitation to an exotic barbeque). The point is that the airline finds this approach creates more interest in what was previously a tedious procedure in which some passengers would pretend to study the safety card and most would simply ignore the presentation and the request to read the safety information. Perhaps the safety card should look like this:Funny Aircraft signs if you stare at exits long enough  
Funny Aircraft signs after farting air out the cabinFunny Aircraft signs If a pax is celebrating a birthday animal masks

Funny Aircraft signs Evacuation points for style

On arrival I took a bus to get around an obstruction in the customs hall and seemingly scared an innocent door lock in the men’s “bathroom”:Large Backpack  Toilet Door Lock



For my first day in Waikiki I went for an early morning walk to look for interesting shops and places to eat:bread-zeppelin-salads-elevatedFatty's Chinese Kitchen 

At Safeway I was given a club card which entitles me to significant discounts on select items. They obviously recognised me as a man of taste and pointed me in the direction of the haute cuisine section: Safeway Haute Cuisine
If I wanted to make my own cheeseburger as a Safeway Club Member I really couldn’t ask for better value than these hamburger buns:elsewhere-cheaper 
So the question is; do I go for the cheeseburger, the chicks gone wild or the Bear Grills? I think I’ll play it safe, stay home and continue my diet:wasted-and-broke-ramen-noodle-soup

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