Impressive Technology in Honolulu

I had no idea that technology has made such huge strides here on the Hawaiian Islands.

The Honolulu Advertiser reviewed the new Ford Fiesta and to assist those who still read actual paper newspapers, they have provided a hyperlink (or perhaps it’s a paperlink) to compare the different Fiesta models on offer:HNL Advertiser - Click Here
But wait, there’s more. They’ve developed flying carpets for politicians:Elevating Carpet
Also on the beach I was pleased to see this little shark wasn’t too scary, bBaby Shark on Beachut this dog thought that maybe I was. (Nice to see they’re not all dogs on the beach here):Dog on Beach 
Elsewhere in town food trucks are popular:taco-hand-rolled-by-mayan-virgins
But the Police less so:poster2 speeding
The Head Booster is a diamond and has been pumping since 1972 – without getting bored and who would be bored of water? (OK, I know that’s stupid):
Board of WaterBut so is this:The Stupid Factory
And this even more so:congration-you-done-it
On a more serious note, I have caught up with news and events and stuff since my arrival. Firstly, I’m saddened to see that we may soon lose Africa’s most charismatic man – assuming Madiba (his Xhosa clan name, or Tata meaning “father of the nation”) doesn’t manage to make another recovery, then the search will soon be on for another Nissan Main Dealer. The BBC are reporting today that Nelson Mandela has “Been given freedom of Borough of Brent.” Apparently he visited Wembley Stadium for a concert in 1990 and Brent Council have just got around to making this grant. I would have thought that the poor man had suffered enough so perhaps no-one will mention the bestowment to him.

I read in The Telegraph that in China there was a riot after teachers tried to stop students cheating in exams. Last year education inspectors in Zhongxiang found there were 99 identical exam papers submitted in one subject, so this year the 800 students sitting the notoriously tough “gaokao” exams found their own teachers had been replaced by 54 external invigilators (I like that word), who used metal detectors to confiscate mobile ‘phones and tiny transmitters some designed to look like pencil erasers which were used to communicate with other students in a hotel opposite the school gates. The Southern Weekend Newspaper reported that the external female invigilators (my mind’s off and running now), intimately searched female examinees. So it was an internal female examination of female examinees by external female invigilators?

Best of all was the reaction of shocked and angry parents. One father was horrified that an examiner had removed his son’s mobile ‘phone from the boy’s underwear and had refused a bribe to return it. The parents reacted angrily. A mob of more than 2,000 hurled rocks, smashed up cars and trapped the staff in school offices and chanted: “We want fairness. There is no fairness if you do not let us cheat.” Local government conceded that “exam supervision had been too strict and some students didn’t take it well.”  Funny old world…


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