Don’t Forget The Spam

From Anahola to Yung Hee Village (no city, town or village starts with “Z” in the Hawaiian Islands), Spam is well loved and widely consumed – 7 million cans per year.

The love affair began during WWII when Hormel supplied Spam at a rate of 15 million cans a week to troops because it had a long shelf life and didn’t need refrigeration. Locals now call it “Hawaiian Steak” and it has made its way into several different local dishes like this Spam musubi, a teriyaki-fried variation served on nori-wrapped rice which is available from most convenience stores:Spam Musubi 
Spam now comes in 13 different flavours including Hickory smoke and cheese. In Safeway the other day I did get distracted by the array of processed meats available in the deli section, but I just figured it was my short attention Spam.

In Hawaii they don’t have burger wars, they have Spam wars with major fast-food chains like this McDonalds offering Spam in various forms:McDonalds Spam Breakfasts
If you’re going to McD’s for a Spam breakfast you’ll want a pie with that:KFC Chicken Skeleton McDonalds Taro Pie
        KFC is the odd one out as they have no Spam offering. Possibly because they prefer to serve food that contains bones:    

Like most places the people in Hawaii have their share of dietary problems. Yesterday I was talking to a nurse who told me that the main problem facing the local health department was Holby City. She may have said “obesity” but she was eating a cake at the time. (She also told me to take the health warning about sodium intake with a pinch of salt).

So while I’m in Safeway what do I need for a fine meal tonight? Some of this:Safeway Spam
And to keep my salt intake in balance I’d better get some of these:Safeway Mister Salty
Oh no! The Spam effect is spreading:Spam Flavoured Macadamia Nuts

In case you want to try something more adventurous, Safeway have a price-reduced copy of this very useful cookbook which strangely, didn’t sell:Cooking your Dog Book


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