Sunday 7th April, 2013

We climbed out of bed and donned the appropriate gear for a visit to the zoo.

I think I should explain why we fall out of bed in Christchurch but exit from the horizontal in Melbourne (or elsewhere), by climbing out of bed in the usual way.

It’s because in Christchurch we have been sleeping on the floor of our kitchen/dining area for more than two years following earthquake damage to the rest of our house.  So, getting out of bed in Christchurch requires nothing more than a roll over from the mattress onto the floor.  Convenient, but we do then have the issue of removing carpet fluff from from our mouths after we stand up.

This little chap had no intention of assuming the vertical position.

Sometimes it rains in Melbourne which produces interesting reactions in some animals like this pissed-off looking Koala.         But the Otters didn’t mind. Wet OtterWet Koala
   “Maaate it was wetter than a Wombat’s Willy.”

I got the impression the birds were watching meMEL ZOO 013MEL ZOO 012MEL ZOO 015MEL ZOO 014 
… and I was very wary of the Cassowary.


Best not to mess with most cats but manyMEL ZOO 019
      are merelyMEL ZOO 021 messy Meerkats.

Speaking of Meerkats….Still Don't Suspect I'm a Mere Cat



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2 Responses to Sunday 7th April, 2013

  1. SJA says:

    Whatch it! They thought I was a real head-turner, especially the casserole-ready (or whatever it’s called).

  2. B says:

    I would imagine these are the only birds that would be watching you at your age 🙂

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