Honolulu Zoo or The Aquarium?

Zoo? Nah it’s tiny and doesn’t have many animals. 

But it does have the synchronised cracker-eating Marmot family: Marmots Eating Biscuits
As well as a very old horse: Horse is Very Old
The Aquarium it is then as it does have lots of fish, some are on the grill and it boasts lots of crabs without legs in preparation for the July 4th celebrations. But I think it was pushing it claiming this was the world’s largest sea horse:
I thought this young seal was very appealing:Seal looking over shoulder
Killer Whale
truly spectacular:Killer Whale
And I thought it was truly special that his sister Killer What had chosen to visit today:Killer Whale's Sister
The aquarium is also home to a talented team of photo-bombing dolphins:Dolphin photobombs family at aquarium
Meanwhile back on dry land you can get all day breakfasts… um, all day:All Day Breakfast
And TNT are… um, sure they can:TNT Sure We Can Truck
And on American TV the local weather presenter beefs up the morning team:Waikiki 031

They shine a light on top-level security issues:TV News suspicious-flashlight
And they showed Obama in a warm and constructive discussion with Putin:Obama & Putin - awkward

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  1. jillian wratteng says:

    I don’t have my own website. perhaps I should get one! Your posting make me laugh everyday!

    • SJA says:

      Yo Gillie!

      Absolutely, start blogging. You’ll probably get more followers than I do.


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