Why, Why, Why Hawaii

…as Tom Jones might have sung.

Everyone has sung about Hawaii and I’m not about to start – least of all in a Karaoke competition. (Karaoke being Japanese for singing out of tune).

Sadly the time was rapidly approaching where we knew we must disappoint the locals by ceasing all eating, drinking and shopping activities and switch to the Cramathon where we try to fit far too much stuff into too few suitcases and then blame it on the airline when our personal effects appear as individual items on the baggage conveyer – usually in front of several hundred other travellers. We spent the last few days cruising with the top down on our rented convertible and as a result we suffered gritty-eye syndrome, bugs in the teeth, flapping jowls, heat stroke, sunburn and sweaty outbreaks – marvellous:Oahu 002

In our travels we learned a bit more about life on the islands. Did you know that only 19% of students at Hawaii’s Manoa University manage to get a degree in 4 years? No? Let’s try another one; did you know “Ukulele” was Hawaiian for Jumping Flea? OK maybe you knew that one. 

We visited the impressive Pearl Harbour WWII Naval Base and its memorials. I was surprised by the scale of devastation inflicted by 353 Japanese aircraft:Pearl Harbour 002
The USS Phoenix which was moored to the south of Ford Island at the time of the attack was undamaged and steamed away to eventually become the ARA “Belgrano” in the Argentinian Navy and was of course utterly hand-bagged by Margaret Thatcher as it continued to steam away.

U.S. Military heroes of Pearl Harbour who survived and had interesting first names were (amongst others); “Kermit, Husband and Doris.” All were men and all may have had their own handbags.

We were invited to visit the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center where we accidentally initiated a Tsunami warning but thought we had recovered from our misdemeanour by sending out a cancellation notice to 875 million people:
PTWC 008For the avoidance of doubt, the scientists on duty issued their own warning:
What the Fuck Have You Done signWe stopped at Turtle Bay where the mention of soup for lunch seemed to start a small but determined stampede for the sea: Turtle Bay 001
On Thursday we tried to join a select group of people but no-one else showed: Looking at The Ocean Club

In the hills some of the trees appeared a little upset about being restrained: Scary Tree
And this sign was well, just random: Hawaii sign
Stubbornly I think this one is random too: Men die from stubbornness
But we did find a couple of interesting pub signs:Pub Ad 1 
Pub Ad 13Even though we were hungry, we didn’t fancy this either:
Waikiki 025We returned to Waikiki and did a little more shopping like these bargain DVDs:Moby Dick The Very Hung CaterpillarAnd we couldn’t resist the temptation of buying our own bargain beach:Cheap Beach
In Waikiki there were copious 4th of July celebrations and we joined the chief pyrotechnic on the bus to view one of the great free public fireworks displays: boomWaikiki 039

Our sudden cessation of clothes shopping caused heads to roll at Amani : Waikiki 029

And some of the homeless decided to try the direct approach: Why Lie - Need Beer 
There was just time to join the beach crowd for one last splash:
Girl hit by waveWhich amused the other locals:
Laughing SealSo we handed in the apartment keys and our taxi, driven by Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett (retired) arrived after stopping only for coffee and donuts: Waikiki 026
And in no time we were all ready for the usual laid-back US security inspection at Honolulu Airport: Airport Security Inspection

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  1. jillian wratteng says:

    havn’t been keeping up with your musings been studying.. almost done. Love all of your hawaii stuff!

  2. Chris P. Bacon says:

    A seriously great effort I loved all of it. Please keep writing more. Chris

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