It’s All About Scotland

It finally happened a Brit won Wimbledon.
Wait! Hold that front page. Since I wrote that echoing headline a concerned reader has made a line call and challenged the double-fault lurking between the tramlines of my research. Backhand Betty (the blasphemously beautiful Ball Boys’ babysitter), serves up the scintillatingly ace that Virginia Wade won the Women’s Singles Title in 1977 and further, there were 3 other British winners of the Women’s Singles Title in 1937, 1961 and 1969. I sit corrected and my thanks to Backhand Betty for writing in.

Andy Murray wimbled and wombled his way to a Wimbledon Men’s victory and the crowd went wild. The last time this happened was when Fred Perry won the Men’s Final in 1936. In the intervening years the championship has seen a few significant changes including the first colour TV broadcast in the UK (four hours of live Wimbledon coverage in 1967) and the last time a wooden racquet was used in 1987. So it’s been a long wait and Britain was justifiably proud of its new sports hero. North of the border in Scotland they were a little more sanguine about it. The Scots figured they would enjoy a victory if either Murray or Jock Ovich won:Jock Ovich 

Novocaine’s girlfriend, the lingerie model and somewhat rustically named Jelena Ristic, complained that the crowd made it a stressful environment for Jock Ovich to play in as “everyone was cheering against my boy.”

Andy Murray is known for being dour but in his part of central Scotland they consider him dangerously flamboyant, talkative and over-emotional:Andy Murray many faces
Mind you he might be a tad more expressive if every day wasn’t “Take your Mother to work day”:Andy Murray's Mother
Andy can get excited about some things:Andy Murray toothpaste
And I put his new-found success down to the little fella that lives in his bag:Andy Murray Old Man in his Bag
Some might say that before the Scots think about devolution they should first master evolution, but there’s no doubt they have great senses of humour:Names major-dickie-head

 Gentlemen Adjust Your Dress

Blowy as Fuck signFlood DefenceFridge on the StreetOnly Fools Eat Horses

Rail Replacement BusSadly, some of them aren’t great at Maths:National Trust Scotland 6 months Free

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