Home Is Where The Hobbits Are

Hobbit Schmobbit, it’s nice to be home.

The bags are unpacked and stowed in the garage ready for further forays for fraternising with foreign folks. And what has happened in New Zilland whilst we were away? Not much really, the house hasn’t been fixed by fairies, the government continues to find ways to fabricate and force financial fragility on the fair few and a bit of sport has been played.

Team New Zealand have had a good start in the Louis Vuitton Cup (the precursor race series to determine who will challenge Oracle for the America’s Cup to be held offshore San Francisco in September). Due to last minute regulation changes, protests and temperaments, team New Zealand have now had two full-blown races – against themselves. Despite this stiff competition they have so far, done rather well. For this year’s America’s Cup the boats are AC72 catamarans and are stonkingly fast. If you’re interested in watching a catamaran doing 70+ kph, here’s a link to race two: http://tvnz.co.nz/americas-cup-2013/07-10-video-5503906

Elsewhere there has been a bit of rugby with the British and Irish Lions meeting the Wally-bees for the third and deciding test match in the series. The Australian attitude to the series could perhaps be summed up by this super-large ad by Sportsbet Australia. Possibly a tad taste free given the location is on the approach to Melbourne airport:Rooting for the Wallabies
Didn’t work. Australia got beaten and lost the series anyway.

I was only out of the country for 11 days, but by the time I got home, petrol prices had hit an all-time high (NZ$2.27/lt for 91 Octane), fruit and veg had increased by 13% since May and we had become the 12th in the world for the number of overweight and obese people. Blimey, you leave the country unsupervised for a week and a half and it starts to rot. Incidentally we were 12th with Australia 17th and Britain the 19th fattest nation. Ha! We beat them again!

I think Australians have slimmed down a tad recently. Maybe it’s the mental exercise as the Australian version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire seems to be asking increasingly difficult questions:Millionaire Question



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