Prince – People Crane

It had to happen. Kate was heavy with child (pregnant), the Limbo Wing was booked (£16,000 per night – bring your own medical experts) and a nation endured Branston Pickle (while Kate endured Braxton Hicks).

For weeks the World’s media camped out hoping to catch a glimpse of a cramping Kate or worried Will. Many Royalists joined them whilst others grew tired of the delays:Poster I Don't Have Time for This 
It’s probably not easy getting excited about a baby that you’ll never meet and which will only be on stamps after you’re dead, but the betting ballooned. Firstly there was the prediction of the sex of the baby and if you got over that hurdle Bookmakers weren’t offering to make you rich if you chose: George, James, Henry, Arthur or Richard for a boy, or: Alexandra, Diana, Elizabeth, Anne or Charlotte as a girl’s name. My choices of Colin or Biddy cost me a few as by the time the Champagne flowed it was Boy George that was top of the charts. 

Odds greater than 500:1 were offered on: Rumpelstiltskin, Stan, Psy, Mo and Wayne. The bookies “Paddy Power” were even offering 500:1 on Austin Cambridge but sadly another of my favourites Tarquin didn’t make the list.

For days the adoring crowds waited eagerly at Buckingham Palace. But as the people craned, the magic easel refused to reveal the Prince’s name:Easel at Buckingham Palace 2Easel at Buckingham Palace

But as we all know this time the propagation of the news of the child’s name was primarily by electronic means, as was the much of the World’s reaction. Corporate giants sugared their way in on the act:Coke celebrate the Prince's birth
Play-doh celebrate the Prince's birthAnd that was before the first picture was released:First Royal Baby Picture
However not all electronic coverage went well:CNN royal-baby-dead-on-the-scene
As official greetings flooded in from all parts of the world, the Tweet came in from the States of Guernsey where the government sent their heart-felt congratulations to Kate and um, …Charles:Guernsey Royal Baby Tweet 

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