Poo Bum Suk

That got your attention.

Following the tragic Asiana crash of a Boeing 777 at San Francisco, it has been interesting to observe how the world’s media dealt with the event. Unsurprisingly there has been some excellent coverage, reportage and up-dateage.

However, the local news channel KTVU in San Jose went out on a limb just a few hours ago with the scoop that they now had the names of the cockpit crew. They broke the news saying: “We have just learned the names of the four pilots on board the flight.” The newsreader then read them out: Sum Ting Wong,   Wi Tu Lo,  Ho Lee Fuk and Bang Ding Ow.”  The station went on to say that they were still trying to ascertain what roles the pilots played aboard Flight 214:KTVU San Jose

At first I thought this was a spoof, but appears to be accurate with KTVU saying they had received confirmation of the names from the National Transport Safety Board in Washington. (The NTSB are the lead authority for the crash investigation). The NTSB hurriedly released a statement saying “A summer intern acted outside the scope of his authority and erroneously confirmed the names to the station.”

Silly KTVU. Those names were clearly Chinese and as Asiana is Korea’s second largest carrier, the crew would have had Korean names, it’s obvious really.

I’m pleased to say that my thorough investigations are complete and I can now announce that the four pilots and their roles on the flight were:
Training Pilot – Han Sum Gi
Pilot Under Instruction – Poo Bum Suk
First Officer – Yoo Young Ho
Senior Transport Captain – 이호선 (Subway Line Number 2).


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