Tuesday 9th April, 2013

Anywhere but bed beckoned this morning.

The beds at the City Limits Apartments are large enough for our liking but both the beds and the pillows are just a shade unforgiving for my silhouette.  On the plus side, the beds do have a firm view.

Night Skyline 

We made a trip to Aldi to stock up on essentials (wine and chocolate) and I was relieved to see that the fear of buying toilet paper and transporting it home on the tram was wiped away. Interesting selection too inConfidence Toilet Tissue Aldi the breakfast cereal aisle.Choco Bits Backside





Melbourne is an easy town to get around.  Public transport is extensive and it’s possible to walk around without losing your head.  They say it’s casual too:Pedestrian Crossing signsCasual Italian RestaurantCasual ParkingImpressed by all this “casualness” we decided to spend a relaxing afternoon at Ikea. You know the sort of thing – a bit of casual shopping, a bit of business followed by some catch-up reading, all nicely topped off by a casual dinner.William Working at IkeaIkea Simon and Wiliam comparing receipes

Ikea Jane Prepares DinnerIkea Simon checks the fridgeFor those who like to sugar-coat their religious beliefs here’s a selection from the Ikea range of philosophical sweets:Ikea Godis SkumEkologist God is FruktYou may recall my recent observation of a new car designed for MoslemVertical Tents for large Moslem Women women,New car approved for Moslem Women well it seems there’s now a camping store in Melbourne that has found a market niche with this new vertical tent for large Moslem women.

Finally, here’s a couple of interesting signs we discovered during our travels: 
Kids Now AvailableCommit no Nusiance


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2 Responses to Tuesday 9th April, 2013

  1. SJA says:

    I guess it looks orzo relaxed?

  2. B says:

    What does a casual lasagne look like?

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