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More Adventure before Dementia (or, Our Old Age Penchant).

It’s time again for a further foray for foreign frippery. Jane and I will be outta here on April Fool’s Day heading first to San Francisco and then onto Paris courtesy of the egalitarian Air France. To be honest, we’re … Continue reading

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December 2011, Year of The Rabbit

2011 – Year of the Rabbit. According to Chinese tradition: “A rabbit year is quiet, giving respite after the year of the tiger. The Rabbit brings a year in which you can catch your breath and calm your nerves.”

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What was the 22nd February 2011 Earthquake Like?

Rather than torture you with more pictures of destruction, I thought I’d torture you with a short (but highly descriptive) passage of what it was like at 1251 on Tuesday 22nd February when one of nature’s little hiccups hit the … Continue reading

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December 2010, A Year in Perspex

2010 – A Year in Perspex As the decade dips below the duvet of destiny, humour me as I mark the moment with a handful of highlights, observations of occurrences and tales of tempus.

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Euro 3, 2010

The mercurial Magda mopped militantly but meticulously. Every time anyone walked on any floor surface at any time of the day or night, Magda would appear from out of the shadows and within seconds the floor would again be shiny … Continue reading

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Euro 2, 2010

We were in Prague for the All White’s first match in the World Cup. As you know that match was against Slovakia so we made the pilgrimage to an Hyundai Fan Park, settled down in Prague Old Square, one hand … Continue reading

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Euro 1, 2010

Getting fat in Frankfurt transmogrified into a TGV train for two days promenading in Paris. Another terrific TGV to St. Malo resulted in a romantic reunification with our ropey RV in Pleurtuit.

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Hong Kong Diversion – Eyjafjallajokull

Twelve hours into our fourteen hour flight we were treated to the unusual sight of the Captain moving with a degree of haste through the cabin. He looked hurried, possibly harried but not panicked.

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Hong Kong Departure, 2010

Lo Fat Slick gunned the red and white Toyota Comfort into the outside lane and merged his taxi into the cloud of water spray that swirled around the line of trucks and buses grinding their way west from the city.

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Right that’s it we’re off. We’ve decided to do a bit more travelling in our old Hymer campervan, which we think is wonderful. Can you guess it yet? Oh yes, I must be a … Hymerbeliever.

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Euro 6, 2008

Lucky Pepe knew most of his customers very well. They would stop on their way to work and chat, they would stop on the way home from shopping and rest their heavy grocery bags whilst they discussed the results of … Continue reading

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Euro 5, 2008

It was a small town. The French side of the Swiss border was a single lane and by using rigid traffic barriers was designed to act as a pinch-point. Vehicles were forced to slow to a crawl as drivers negotiated … Continue reading

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Euro 4, 2008

We were on the island of Hvar in Croatia and the van’s exhaust was rattling alarmingly. In fact it had been rattling and steadily getting noisier since we were in Germany – where it raised both Teutonic tempers as well … Continue reading

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Euro 3, 2008

By the time the long and unusually hot summer of 1697 had faded, Antonio Canal had moved into the small square brick dwelling at Castello 5485. A convenient address, just 8 minutes walk from Piazza San Marco, opposite his favourite … Continue reading

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Euro 2, 2008

Bond drove listlessly down the Cote d’Azur… sorry, wrong story. I’ll start again…

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Euro 1, 2008

I’m starting in the middle but future editions will backtrack to our departure from New Zealand,

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December, 2005

Here’s a quick update for you as you steam into Christmas.

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December 2004, A Year In NZ

As nomenclature goes, The Shanghai Forever Bicycle Company was a delight to discover.

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April, 2003

Picton on a Easter week evening and the air is redolent with the heavenly smells of Autumn. Down the road in Blenheim the grapes are all but harvested, the Sauvignon is steeling and the Pinot is percolating.

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Easter, 2003

Nearly two thousand years ago there was a volcanic explosion of astonishing scale.

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December, 2002

Christmas in a warm climate is different. For a start, there is less retail hype and the build up starts about the beginning of November – much later than in the Northern hemisphere.

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November, 2002

So where are we now? We are in Christchurch with Keith & Lyn and are experiencing our first storm.

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October, 2002

Unfortunately shares in The Shanghai Forever Bicycle Company hit a pothole and slipped off the saddle. Inevitably the crossbar saved them from crashing, but the pain will take sometime to go away.

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September, 2002

We thought we would sneak into Japan undetected using a large cloud to hide our approach. The cloud turned out to be much larger than we had at first thought.

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December, 2000

We were (of course), going to write a long and jaunty missive and get it on the wire to all of you on E Mail and post hard copy to those of you who cling steadfastly to the good old … Continue reading

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