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December 2012 (AKA Not Euro 6)

Carrying on from where I left off… we were in Hong Kong and once the gas reached the restaurant we thought briefly about the lunch special but decided against it. (I hate onions).

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Euro 5, 2012

We returned to Great Britain (or Blighty the Mighty), in time for the Olympic Games closing ceremony.

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Euro 4, 2012

The Olympic games have lifted off and before they bottom out, I’m already regretting not spending even more of my life online trying to secure tickets to events.

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Euro 3, 2012

Lech Waduster stared at the lock, snorted and barked at us not to touch it.

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Euro 2, 2012

Priti Manek stumbled, dropped the coins he was clutching and crouched close to the floor of the carriage. We leaned forward in our seats and helpfully pointed to where his coins had rolled, smiled and then sat back in our … Continue reading

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Euro 1, 2012

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s on-line Visa Waiver Application thingy enquired (and none-too politely I may say), if I’d had Granuloma Inguinale. I paused and pondered the question carefully.

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More Adventure before Dementia (or, Our Old Age Penchant).

It’s time again for a further foray for foreign frippery. Jane and I will be outta here on April Fool’s Day heading first to San Francisco and then onto Paris courtesy of the egalitarian Air France. To be honest, we’re … Continue reading

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